Assessment and certification

We are delighted to announce that this course has now been formally accredited by Oxford Brookes University as a 10 Credit module at Level 7 (postgraduate level: see Credit in Higher Education and Higher education credit framework for England and  The frameworks for higher education qualifications and credit: how they relate to academic standards). This will make FSLT one of the first accredited open online courses in the UK. Formal accreditation begins in Academic Year 2013-14.

On this instance of the course, we can offer up to twenty five (25) participants individual feedback on the assessments from tutors and a certificate, which will be acceptable as evidence of prior learning. Participation, without assessment and certification, as before will be free. The assessment and certification fee is £345.

Participants who wish to engage in the assessment scheme must complete the Course Registration form.

Open participants will have access to all aspects of the course and can participate in all forums and activities. Open participants may receive digital badges for completion of activities. The main difference between open participation and accredited/certificated participation is that as well as peer feedback and badges, participants aiming for a certificate will receive formative and summative feedback on the assessed tasks from the course tutors (there are three tutors, hence the limit on assessed places) and will receive a recognised certificate from the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development.