Twofer — Greetings to EdMOOC & Daily Create

Sharon @dwrgi gave some great advice on the EdMOOC Twitter stream:
edmooc tweet about finding time

I’m sure there are many of us who feel she was tweeting directly to us.

I’ve got another bit of advice — multitask or create as many “twofers” as you can. That’s my approach and I tried it out today by completing DS 106′s Daily Create and my hello EdMOOC video in one fell swoop.

Oh, the challenge was to create a story about an everyday object.

Introduction-wise, I’m Cris and I’m teaching a brand new grad course this semester which I shall obsess completely over and so there won’t be enough hours in the day or night but I know Sharon is right and so I’m going to give it a go and enjoy EdMOOC!

Looking forward to meeting more crazy multi-taskers out there!