Hanging Around with the Creatives

I’ve been thinking about DS 106′s Daily Create all day. Just a little place my mind wanders when I lose focus elsewhere.

Somewhere between the panic of getting my new course site ready for the final meeting with my course developer and tech guru tomorrow and making my prolific list of notes, I came up with the idea of a “twofer.” Love when that happens! So here’s my Daily Create and a graphic that works well for this, my first course blog post. I call it the “Edge of My Incompetence” graph and the theory belongs to a terrific young philosopher-playwright-actor-writer Ezra Brain.

Edge of My Incompetence Graph

So The Daily Create challenge #361 was to “Draw something that shows how happy you are today.” On My Incompetence Chart I can report that I’m happy to have aimed high and achieved a lot for today. I’d not be nearly as happy if I’d aimed lower and achieved less.

So let that be the first lesson of Daily Creates, at least for me. It’s far better to have ambition and be a risk-taker than to grasp the first idea that comes to you and play it safe. to be continued . . .