Introduction to FSLT Platform Elements / Learning Spaces Transcript

Here is a brief presentation about the platforms (learning spaces) we will be using on this Mooc. It explains that the course will be distributed over a number of sites and how to access our Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate sites.

There is further information about the different sites that we anticipate people will be working in on the About the Course page.

If you decide that you would like to join the discussions in the Moodle, then you will need to ‘Register on the Moodle Learning Management System’ on the Moodle page of this site. Without registering you will be able to access Moodle, and read the content, but not join the discussions.

In the Moodle site you will also find further Tutorials in a wiki. These are mostly videos and links from the web. If you know of useful tutorials that are not on our list, please feel free to add them to the wiki.

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